“Original, honest and brave, intertwines raw emotion with physical expression"


A solo show of one man’s journey from childhood to adulthood. 

Written and Performed by Darren Vizer at La Mama Theatre 2014 & 2016

Photos by Darren Gill, Sarah Hall 

This is a one-man show, 1 hour long. It is a snap shot autobiographical story of boy growing up, learning and trying to fit in’. A story being liked and not liked.  This show explores the impact of bullying from childhood, the way a son sees his mother and father, suicide, depression, sexuality, being gay and HIV.   

This work his a hybrid theatre piece of method acting and dance.  It has range of tragedy, sorrow, humor and laughs. It demonstrates the resilience of person, who has gone through many hardships, up and downs, which comes out the other end on top to share his story 

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